Salted cucumbers

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Salted cucumbers

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Salted with no vinegar, crispy cucumbers.


For two 3-liter jars of pickles

  • 4 kg. small cucumbers (or 3 kg. medium);
  • 5 l. brine: per 1 liter. water 1.5 tbsp. of coarse non-iodized salt;
  • sprigs of dill with seeds 4-5 pcs.;
  • garlic;
  • 2 bay leaves, black and allspice;
  • 2 bell peppers;
  • 3 pods of hot pepper.

Not necessary

  • horseradish leaves 3-5 pieces;
  • black currant leaves 20-30 pieces;
  • cherry leaves 10-15 pieces;
  • walnut or oak leaves 5-10 pieces;
  • crap root.

It is better to choose cucumbers that are small, uniform in color, with rare tubercles, black (rarely white) spikes, a small seed chamber and dense pulp.



  1. All spices and cucumbers are good mine. Dill is suitable only for old ones, with seeds.
  2. Before pickling the cucumbers, fill them with clean drinking water, so that it covers, and leave it overnight. This is necessary so that the cucumbers after pickling are not empty and that they do not take the brine from the cans, it also distinguishes crunchiness. After that, drain the water from the cucumbers and wash them.
  3. Hot pepper, inflammation and cleansing horseradish root reduction into pieces.
  4. At the bottom of a large saucepan or other container, lay part of the leaves and a few pieces of pepper, garlic and horseradish. Next, a layer of cucumbers (the tips do not need to be cut). Then more spices. Thus, we shift all the cucumbers, making the last layer of leaves.
  5. Mix salt in tap drinking water. Pour the cucumbers with the resulting brine to cover. It will take about 5 liters. brine. We put the top flat plate and put a 3-liter jar of water on it as a load so that the cucumbers are not installed.
  6. We leave for salting for 2 days. The readiness of cucumbers can be checked for taste (there will be delicious salted cucumbers), they also change color.
  7. Now we drain the brine from the cucumbers in another container, it increases even more for us. We throw away greens and spices, and the cucumbers themselves are washed in water. We put them in well-washed jars.
  8. We boil the brine. Pour the brine into jars to the very top and cover with lids (the lids can be washed well, but it is better to boil). We leave for 10 minutes. Then drain the brine back into the pan and again bring to the destination. Banks at this time are closed with lids.
  9. Again, fill the cucumbers with a boiling solution, so that a little filling overflows (put the jars on plates). We roll with a machine. We turn the jars upside down and wrap them with a warm blanket until completely abandoned.
  10. We put the cooled jars with pickles in the pantry or cellar. Try the brine in them will be cloudy, but through Greece time is cleared, and sediment is found at the bottom.

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